Operating Partners


Our Story

Since 2005, Operating Partners has been enhancing ownership value for PE clients and public firms. We are an experienced team of former GE executives, complemented by subject matter experts, that use recognized best practices and tools as well as our own bespoke methodologies to create value.

Our mission is to make your holdings more profitable and more valuable. We bring independence, real world business experience, analytical capability, cross cultural skills, and resources to identify and support talent.

Our team members have had decades of global experience, with successful track records in China and Singapore to name a few. Operating Partners supports its clients with expert teams based in these two global financial hubs.

Our Approach

Operating Partners is not a consulting firm. We are owners and operators and sit on the same side of the table as investors and management. We make long-term commitments and work closely with organizations to structure Operating Models to resource, set strategy, plan, optimize business processes and drive operating performance.

We don’t spend months in analysis and discussions, nor do we conduct a detailed bottom-up analysis of all processes and structures. We are hands-on and engage with our investing partners, management and local operating teams. We use a factual and data driven approach to rapidly unlock specific sources of value. We like to listen, measure and analyze to solve real operating issues.

… We Unlock Value!

Op•er•a•ting Part•ner

[op-uh-rey-ting pahrt-ner] Noun

1. External resource(s) retained by private investment firm to provide consulting and / or short term support to their investment portfolio companies;
2. Independent advisors or direct hires with relevant industry or functional capability (e.g. office of CEO, CFO, sales, procurement, manufacturing, etc.);
3. Contract employees, identified based on subject matter expertise, that work alongside management teams to identify, create and deliver operational value.